A continual permanent yearly activity called
“Människan i världen” (Humanity in the World) The world’s best documentary films about humanity’s vulnerability, dignity, tolerance, anti-racism, the Holocaust, and work for human values.

International Documentary Film Screenings

The Event’s creator is Leo Kantor, a publicist, film critic, and jury member for several international film festivals, who also arranges seminars and discussions about films at various universities, cultural centers, and organizations.

The Event was created in 1995 and for the past 16 years has shown a series of true film gems in Sweden. The Event has its headquarters in Stockholm, but some of the films are also shown in other cities in Sweden.

The target group is the media which can spread knowledge about films to TV companies and newspapers, politicians, younger audiences, university students, schools, and the general public who are interested in seeing the world and humanity’s conditions in it improve. The Event has a large contact network with other film events and festivals throughout the world and it thus able to share experiences and film recommendations.

The films can be sent to us throughout the year, preferably in DVD format. We welcome both shorter and longer documentaries as well as animated films. Please label the films with the sender’s address. Please be sure to also include any other important information. We prefer that you send films with English subtitles.